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Download Andy – The Android Emulator for Windows PC and Mac

by boris

Emulator term is used for a software which is capable of running apps for one OS on another OS. At the backend, it simulates that particular OS in the other OS and runs the applications. The applications do not know if they are being run on Windows or Mac or iPhone or an Android smartphone. Android Emulator is mainly used to test Android apps on PC but the Emulators have been upgraded to such a level that we can even run CPU intensive games for Android on computers. This is something pretty incredible since most of the games on Android are pretty amazing and we would definitely want to play those games on the big screen.

There is number of Android Emulators available for Windows and Mac machines, which are capable of running Android games seamlessly. The most famous one is the Bluestacks and it can run almost any application. Even though it is so awesome, it is not prefect yet. A new team of ambitious people have come up with something even more interesting, Andy – Android Emulator. This Emulator resembles Bluestacks in number of ways but it outperforms it in number of ways. The added functionalities can be really helpful and fun when you install a game on PC just for the sake of enjoying on the big screen.

Some games that can be run on Bluestacks, do not work perfectly. Some games require proper gaming console or more advanced controls to be able to play it on PC easily. Andy makes the gameplay easier here by introducing the feature to be able to use mobile phone as the game controller. This is one hell of a feature and it can really enhance gameplay experience for hits like Asphalt, Dr. Driving and some other games. Playing these games on Bluestacks is pretty tough. Andy is more oriented towards games, therefore you’ll seldom encounter any bug in any game you install.

Not only games but Andy can run the communication applications pretty easily. The Andy Emulator provides pretty neat Tablet-like interface and it can easily run applications like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Tango. If you use any of these or any other communication application and wished for a seamless way to sync your chats between PC and your smartphone, then Andy is the right solution. This Emulator gets all these things pretty right and therefore you must try it. Those who use Bluestacks, must try it as well.

Andy OS is available for both Windows and Mac machines. You will find it pretty easy to install and pretty easy to use. The desktop push notifications keep you updated in real-time, with all the communication applications that you are using. To download and install Andy on your computer, download it from the link given below. It is available for free.

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