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by boris

In the contemporary world, the computer technology is playing the pivotal role in the development of the society and also in the life of every human being, across the world. The massive use of computers, in various forms, are being supported; not only by hardware but also with software and the internet. Now the computer technology has come to our hand in the form of tablets and smartphones and most of them are powered by Android apps. The massive uses of such phones led to lots of downloads and save on the devices, which sometimes make it very difficult for smooth operation, due to the massive deposit of junk data and other ingredients, which need to be cleaned on a regular basis for the well-being of the device. The Ccleaner is very popular cleaning software, specially made for Windows and Android, which has the ability to clean the junk items to free space for that helps in smooth functioning.



While there are requirements for a large numbers of software to run the computer and its applications and these are to be cleaned to get the optimal use of the devices. The Ccleaner use to provide a wide range of services, such as; junk removal, reclaim space, system monitoring, browsing safety etc., which are all important issue for any user. Some of the important features of the Ccleaner are as follows:

  • Cleaning and Optimization: The major part of the Ccleaner is the removing of the junk safely, along with; cleaning of application data, browser history, download folders, clipboard contents etc., which are helpful in unhindered operation. Apart from these, the software also deletes call logs and also SMS messages separately in bulk volume, by contact or by age.
  • Retrieve Storage Space: This software work to reclaim storage space, which is being done in various ways and means, such as; streamlining, easy and quick uninstall of numerous unwanted applications, freeing up of storage space on the devices.
  • System Monitoring: There is a uniqueness of this particular software that is the ability of monitoring of the system, which ensures the well being of the respective device and helps in undisturbed operation. These include; checking of the CPU usage, tracking of the device RAM and also inner storage space and checking out the battery stage and temperature of the device.


The owning of the smartphone or tablet for communication and other purposes cannot be the ultimate achievement, the safekeeping and regular health checking of the devices are more important to get the best support. The Ccleaner is playing this vital role and helps the user to get the most out of thier mobile device and most importantly, it is quite easy to use e.g. just by few clicks the system can be optimized, the simple and instinctive user interface is helping the user in easy navigation, free from any ads or clutter and moreover, very fast, efficient and compact with CPU usage and Low memory.

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