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Download Google Earth APK for Android

by boris

I still remember when Google Earth was new to us and it was all like we are dominating a whole world and we can see anything anytime. Even our house and some favorite places in 3D view. The most favorite game of every kid was to find his home via Google Earth. Other than that, it is really useful and you can find various mysterious places of a whole world with this application.

The good thing is that you can also download and use it on your Smartphone as well. It is same as we once used on PC. So let’s dive into it a little to find out what exactly a Google Earth can do. With the swipe of our finger it can explore the whole word. You can fly through 3D cities which mean if you ever wanted to see some cool places in Tokyo or Rome or other places; you can do so with the help of this application.

You can even dive into a street view which makes it more exciting and helpful at some point. While visiting some well-known places, you can browser layers like Wikipedia and photos to learn more about that place. Other than that, you can visit Maps gallery which enables you to find interesting maps. They also have in-app tutorials too, make sure to learn them and navigate like a pro.

This application is available for free on Google Play Store; you can download directly from there. If you want to download and install this application manually, then complete the requirements and follow the guide given below.

Downloads Required

How to Install Google Earth on Android Device:

  1. Download the apk from the link given above and copy it to the Android device.
  2. Go to Settings>Security and enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where apk is placed.
  4. Tap on it and begin installation.
  5. It will list all the required permissions, skip it and complete the installation.
  6. Once done, access it from App drawer and have fun.
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