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Download Google Play Services 7 Apk for Android [All Versions]

by boris

Few days back, Google released Google Play Services update 7. This is a major update for the Google Play Services platform as it introduces new APIs to make the user experience much better. The first improvement is the in the locations API. If users runs an application that requires Location Services and no location settings are enabled on the device, it will allow the user to allow the app to activate those options or any selective setting like WiFi, GPS or both. The Places API has also been improved. Now it returns even more precise results.

The next major improvement is in the Google Fit. The improvements are more in the Developer’s favor. The data collected is more accurate and easy to access so that applications that use this API can produce more accurate results. Health is important for everyone and if you depend on Google Fit or any of its services, then this is a crucial update.

The most important update introduced in Google Play Services 7 is the ability to connect Android devices i.e Tablet or smartphones to Android TV as game controller. It is the Nearby Connections API and it is the Highlight of Google Play Services 7 update. It is easy to use and SDK will be made available for game developers in matter of few days. This will change the gaming on Android and games like Modern Combat will be more fun to play.

If you have not already received the update for Google Play Services 7 on your device, then download it from one of the download links given below. The installation instructions are given at the end of page.

Downloads Required

How to Install Google Play Services 7 on Android Device:

  1. Download the apk from the link given above and copy it to the Android device
  2. Go to Settings>Security and enable Unknown Sources
  3. Using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where apk is placed
  4. Tap on it and begin installation
  5. It will list all the required permissions, skip it and complete the installation
  6. Once done, access it from App drawer and login using any Gmail account
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