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by boris

iTunes is a popular media player, online radio broadcaster, library and media organizer that is available for Windows and OS X operating systems as well for mobile devices including iPad  and iPhone. It is the ideal way to shop for music that you don’t have and allows organizing the music you already have. What’s best is that it features millions of new and exclusive releases that you can select from. iTunes makes listening to quality music easy with its built in media player that allows you to shuffle or favorite your playlists. The media library stores all the music you have in your mobile device or PC and also the additional music you buy from the iTunes store into separate collections.


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What Exactly Is iTunes?

iTunes is the hottest product from Apple that makes up for a great music organizer and player for your PC, Mac and mobile devices. It also has a collection of over 85,000 films that you can watch anywhere and everywhere! With iTunes, you can download your media and view them offline if you’re going somewhere without a WiFi connection. iTunes is also an effective media organizer that stores your purchased and owned media into relevant libraries.

Exciting Features

iTunes sports a number exciting features that makes it a must have software for both your PC and mobile devices.

  • Integrates media organizing tools for both video and audio media.
  • Features Beats 1 radio hosted by prominent Djs from around the world. Also other internet radio stations are hosted that provides you with good music all throughout the day.
  • Curated playlists and selections available that brings users, the freshest and hottest albums and music available.
  • Cloud storage that allows users to save their playlists and library without worrying about losing any precious music or favorite playlists.
  • Users can purchase new and fresh music from the iTunes store. The iTunes store features artists from around the world and music that would suit your tastes and mood perfectly.
  • The iTunes movie catalogue includes hit and popular movies from famous studios and has a large collection of downloadable media.
  • Apple has also announced the new iBook store through which you can buy books from your favorite authors in pdf format and read them on the go.

Benefits of Using iTunes

iTunes is the leading media organizer, library and media player that supports a wide range of media formats. Not only are you buying the music and movies legally, iTunes gives you early access so that you can listen to your favorite artists or watch your favorite movie without having to wait any longer!

With a user friendly interface, iTunes gives all the control to the user and lets them manage their media. The online radio provides with great music and curated playlists 24×7, while the iTunes store boats huge collection of various music and movies to select from. All in all, ITunes is a must have for your mobile devices and PC. Download it now from the button listed below!

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