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Download MX Player for PC – Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and MAC

by boris

A good app by J2 interactive and nonetheless, useful and a handy one. User may have used many apps related to video playing and streaming but this app is one of a kind. In this app, the developers paid much heed to the demands and requirements that are not often met by other video players and users prefer using default video browsers on their device rather than installing those video players but when used, this app definitely catches the attention of the user.
When talking about its different features, it covers almost all the things user ever want to see in a video player. You can change the brightness and sound by touching the screen of your device at the left and right side respectively but the most worth noting thing is that it does not temper with your phone’s settings. Irrespective of what changes you make in your player, your phone settings will remain the same. User can resume the videos. Videos can be watched from the start or the point where they were left.
You can also enable subtitles if a subtitle file is available along with the video. Video can be made to fit to screen, stretched or played with its original size but user can also change the size manually and zoom in or out just by pinching the screen. There is also a wide range of aspect ratios that are given and user can change it according to his need. Screen rotation can also be done without changing the device’s setting.
In this app, user can also stream and watch videos from the Internet which is an additional and handy feature not included in most video players. Your different files like the video recording made through your device and other files like movies or video clips that are imported from the Internet are arranged in separate folders so it minimises hassle for the user to sort and arrange different videos, a work made easy by the use of this app.
You can also use the app as an audio player by changing the sound settings in the app. In player settings, different options are available like video resume, gestures, fast seeking, touch actions and many other which makes this app fun and provides a superior video playing experience.
The app offers a wide variety of features, video playing is better, controls like sound and screen brightness are available on-screen, subtitles are available, resuming makes the video experience vast. Aspect ratio and screen size adjustment enhances user’s visual experience.
This app comes with options and features that are too difficult for a beginner user and so many settings often irritate the user. Also the app menu is really dull and one does not know the true features of the app unless he uses it.
The app in general is a revolutionary in video players and diverts the attention of the user from his usual default video player. With all basic controls available on one touch on the screen, user will find this app a revelation in visual experience.

download mx player for computer


Downloads Required

Download the Bluestacks player for MAC or Windows, according to your operating system. If you want to install MX Player on Mac, then download Bluestacks for OS X and if you want to install MX Player on Windows PC, then download BlueStacks player for Windows.

How To Install MX Player on Computer/PC

    1. Download and install Bluestacks on your respective operating system
    2. Now downloadMX Player apk for PC and place it anywhere on your desktop
    3. Now open the MX Player for PC apk and select Bluestacks to run it (If not selected by default)
    4. It will be installed and then you will receive a notification that installation is done
    5. Open this notification and app will be started

Method 2 to Install MX Player on PC:

    1. Open BlueStacks App Player on your Windows PC or MAC.
    2. Make sure that you’ve logged in using your Gmail address, if not, then go to settings > accounts and login with Gmail.
    3. Now come back to the home screen in BlueStacks.
    4. Use the Search button and type “MX Player″.
    5. As soon as you find it, install MX Player using Google Play Store in BlueStacks.
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