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Download Shazam for Mac – Free

by boris

Shazam is a great application for listening to the background music and identifying the music with accuracy. It not only tells the name of artists and songs but also gives lot of other information about the music such as lyrics, artist biography, art work and also, concert dates. The most appealing feature of this application is that it also let the user play identified tracks and view the videos related to music.


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High accuracy level – The application has high level of accuracy for quickly identifying the details about track from variety of songs. The music can range from indie rock to classical sonatas. The application can also identify the sound tracks from various TV shows.

Handy options – The application has various inbuilt options for better accessibility of users. The application includes information about album, lyrics, artwork, videos, tickets and concern listings. It also enables the user to access other background information relevant to identified track without opening web browser. The playlists can also be tagged and listened.

Streamlined user interface – The user interface of application is straightforward yet very engaging. There are many self explanatory categories like My Tags, Explore, Chart, News etc. The Explore screen works great by featuring world map with Shazam chart for different countries so that the music can be explored according to specified regions.


Advertisements – There are lot of advertisement banners on the screen which takes quite lot of space. Removing advertisement from application is paid.

Publisher’s Description

Shazam is an amazing application with great features of music recognition and playing the media around users. The instant matching of music through explore button is also possible through this application. The user can also buy and share music in easy ways. The users can also watch videos on YouTube, see the Shazamed list of friends, listen to identified music, save and preview of favorites, singing with streamed lyrics, checking biography of artists, share music through social media websites and lot more. Shazam is an integrated application with user friendly interface. It provides quick and accurate results for the searched tracks. The application even works even in lost connection and provides results of match when the user is back in internet coverage.

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Change Log

The new version of application has worked on the home screen. The user can now keep up to date with latest songs and artists. Get quick access to fresh Shazam charts. The user can now login to Shazam from Facebook. This version also allows user to listen to complete playlists of Shazam and rate the tracks in the new player.

How To Install

Shazam can be used easily on Mac with installation steps through Bluestacks.

  • Download and Install Bluestacks.
  • Open the search box of Bluestacks and search for “Shazam”.
  • As the name of application appears on results screen, tap it for initiating the download process.
  • After completion of download process, open the application from All apps folder of Bluestacks.

Open the application and start enjoying on Mac.

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