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Eternity Warriors for PC – Free Download

by boris

If you want to get induced into a totally different type of world and also desire to win the world, Eternity Warriors is perfect for you. Eternity Warriors is one of the well acclaimed game designed which is basically action packed RPG game for Android, Tablet and now also for PC that is preferred by all game lovers. It’s fast paced melee action gameplay, which becomes more interesting due to its vibrant and colorful 3D fantasy world. It is an amazing Experience. The different types of heavy as well as light attacks, some devastating but smart moves and powerful combination which is used to take out the hoards of demonic enemies made the game extremely attractive as well as most demanding.


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The Story Line of the Game:

It has excellent story line and plot which is filled with thrill. The story will really mesmerize you. The main character of the story is a girl who is basically a warrior and fights against the demons.

In the story a new strong and powerful Demon appears in the lands of Northern Udar which is ruled by King of Demons, Kilic. The frightening and evil creatures filled the land and make the place into a nation of danger and evil. In this situation, only courageous people can fight like Eternity Warriors. Only Eternity Warriors have the capability to battle against the terrible threat and protect the world from evil. After a great fight, all most all people of this land cheered their new and efficient hero. But this cheer, were very short lived. The overall land is corrupted by the magic of demon; at the last moment the most powerful Dragons is unsealing the Eternity Sword due to unleash a horrible evil upon the planet. In this moment Mawzok’Kahl, Lord of Hell, proclaimed that he is the Heir to the World and he also sets his eye on the land of Udar. Northern Udar gets again in danger and in need of the real hero, who can save the city!

The developers have introduced new features in the game and that includes some new mage spells that will give you weapons, and increase you power of impact on the demons

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If you desire to enjoy all these bright, vibrant and colorful features of this game on your PC, you have to discover a way to run this android games as well as apps on your PC. Actually this game is not launched for any windows operating system, so it is actually not compatible for PCs. However, if you utilize an Android emulator, then you could easily play Eternity Warriors on your PC also.

Steps to Play Eternity Warriors on PC

To play the game on your PC, you could utilize Bluestacks because now it is one of the best Android emulator for Windows. It offers an extremely user-friendly atmosphere to run different types of Android games and app on PC.

  1. You have to download the new version of Bluestacks. Get it from here!
  2. Then get it installed.
  3. Then search Eternity on Google Play store.
  4. When done, Download the game and install it on our PC.
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