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Download Flipboard For PC

by boris

Flipboard is one of the most innovative applications for the digital era we are living in. Flipboard is built for those people who want to keep themselves updated of their favorite trends and stories on-the-go. Flipboard server as a unified platform to collect and show all of your favorite magazine and stories at one place. This application allows users to add the magazines of their choice to the Flipboard live feed. People can mark their favorite content to access it more easily and display it upfront.

On Flipboard, you can follow giants like NY Times, PEOPLE Magazine and Vanity Fair. These are the mainstream magazines about which almost everyone knows. There is more to this application which makes the magazine reading experience on the digital screen even more fun and productive. The Daily Edition is an interesting feature in Flipboard. It shows the most interesting and HOT topics in one place. These topics are selected by the editorial staff of Flipboard. If you are new to Flipboard and you do not know who to follow, then Daily Edition on Flipboard is a good place to start. It is useful for those as well who use Flipboard daily but need to get the best pieces of stories in shortest time.

flipboard for pc

The Flipboard application is built for Android and iOS platform. It has a very interactive interface. The User Experience is keenly developed. The animations of Flipboard are pretty smooth and crisp. There are no annoying ads in Flipboard. The first startup of Flipboard takes users on a tour so that they can understand the diversity of functions available. Users can choose the categories of their choice in the start. Choosing a specific category means that you will get tailored new according to your taste. The category selection is not final here. Users can add more categories or remove any category later on. The advantage of this function is that new users do not go through the trouble of finding the news that they will actually like or find interesting. it helps Flipboard attract new users and keep them engaged in the application.

Flipboard is available for mobile platforms but it can be installed on PC as well. To install Flipboard on PC, follow the guide give after this paragraph. Flipboard can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Flipboard can be installed on Apple Mac as well. The advantage of installing Flipboard on PC is that you can read news more peacefully and enjoy it better on the big screen. It is better to read the news and your favorite stories in the most comfortable manner. If you want to install Flipboard on your computer, then follow the easy steps given below.

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How To Install Flipboard On PC

  1. Download Flipboard Apk and place it anywhere on your computer.
  2. Now download and Install Bluestacks Android Emulator. Here’s how To Install Bluestacks On WIndows and Mac PC. Following are the alternative solutions to this.
  3. Open the folder where you downloaded Castle Clash earlier.
  4. Double Click on it and run it using the Bluestacks Apk handler.
  5. It will install the Flipboard app on PC automatically and show a notification when it is done.
  6. Click on the notification.
  7. Flipboard App will launch on your PC’s desktop after clicking on the notification.
  8. To swipe on the screen, move mouse cursor on screen with left-click on mouse pressed.
  9. No other special controls are needed to use Flipboard on PC.
  10. That’s all! Enjoy your favorite magazine app Flipboard on your computer.

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