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Free Download SHAREit for Mac

by boris

SHAREit is a utility application for convenient transfer of files. The transfers can be made within multiple devices such as computers, phones, tablets, etc. The application requires internet connection for transferring the files, videos, folders, photos and many other things from devices. It is a free to use application with great features. The transferring of files is very speedy in this application and it also allows user to share documents, folders, music and other applications. The ultimate speed of application transfers large files in few minutes without using USB cables or drives. The user interface of application is friendly with ease of use. The privacy and security settings are also available in the application so that the user can directly save the shared files on desired devices and not on shared servers.


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  • Sharing large files is very easy and fast in this application.
  • The application can be used for transferring contacts, photos, videos, documents, files, folders and applications.
  • High transferring speed and automatic pairing of different devices enables easy use of application.
  • It allows users to share without any cables, network or drives.
  • It also provides option of group sharing for maximum 5 devices at a time. The user can share music album and photo library immediately with this option.

Publishers Description

The application is a great utility for users and enables easy transferring within the multiple devices. The speed of transferring files is exceptional. It can transfer photos, videos, folder, files like WORD, PDF, EXCEL, HTML, XML, TXT etc to any device. The use of application eliminates use of network and cables. The users in range of application will be automatically paired for sharing purposes. It develops own network for sending and receiving files and therefore, there is no concern of privacy of data. It does not use shared server like Cloud etc. The user interface of application is very friendly and enables users to share files with good speed and ease. There are some problems with application that it lacks instructions for using the application. The connections are also lost many times and user has to use personal hotspot for transferring the files from one device to another. Overall, this application allows easy, speedy and secure transferring of files but requires some connection and intuitiveness improvements.


Change Log

The updated version has optimized the home page of application and faster and easier use. This version also has lock functions for protecting the private and confidential files and enabling visitor mode. It also has improved music player for better user experience. The transferring process has been made easier for convenient transferring on different platforms.

How To Install on Mac

SHAREit can be used on Mac with the help of emulator. Bluestacks need to be downloaded and installed on Mac. Then after, search for application name in navigation search box. As the name displays, tap on the application. It will start downloading in download section of Bluestacks. After completion of download process, open the application and start using it on Mac.

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