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Free Download WinRar – The Best Compression Software for Making Archives

by boris

We are living in a time, where the science and technology have taken a great leap forward and already people worldwide witnessed the massive growth in almost every span of our life. Although it was invented long ago, but the computer technology has created havoc since the last quarter of the twentieth century. Nowadays, there is hardly any item or issue that doesn’t have a pinch of computer aid and this is the reason the use and spectrum of the computer applications are now being done in the manifold, which helps our society to move to the next level with an unprecedented and phenomenal speed. It is now a well-known fact that with the wide range of computer users; billions of data are produced in almost every second and these are all either saved or transferred to another receiver, which needs to be managed in a prudent manner. Here comes the utility of the software application WinRar, which helps in compressing the volume of the data, not only for saving but for the sending purpose, through e. mail or other means of transfer.


Useful Features of the Software

Some of the most interesting and important features of the WinRar, which are helpful for any user in managing his data in a professional and protective way, are as follows:

  • Every computer using individual or entity now wants to protect their important files with the support of AES encryption and if the security is not been considered as a major threat, then this software can be the best option as a compressing tool, available in the web world. The WinRar is quite smart a software, not only doing the excellent job of compressing of data but also able to tweaking existing archives. It has the ability to convert the existing archives from one format to some other formats and also helpful in repairing of damaged archives.
  • The WinRar is naturally creating an archive in RAR format by default but it can also create the same in ZIP format. According to the claim, made by the company, it is capable of compressing the files almost 30% smaller than the ZIP files and also takes lesser space to make the archive.


Although there are some other tools like ZIP; the WinRar can be considered as the most creative and user-friendly among others in this segment. The user has the privilege to customize the files in the process of archiving and also got the opportunity to protect the archives with a password in a bid to avert any kinds of damage or sneak. This is a simple method, whenever an archive is being created, the option of the password will be there and once it is protected by a password, nobody, except the creator, can open the same, without the permission of the owner. One can make the lineup that automatically deletes the original files once the archive is being created. In addition, there is an option of self-extraction of the archive, which helps in opening of the archive, without any compression software.

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