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How To Delete All Contacts from BlueStacks App Player At Once

by boris

Lately, many have been asking on how to delete contacts on BlueStacks or Andy emulator. Surely this is a new trend these days where we mostly rely on these emulators as they will save most of our time. Those who don’t know about them let me give you a short explanation about them. Andy and BlueStacks App Player are Android emulators. These emulators allow your PC or Mac to run Android in it. Why it is helpful for most of the people who rely on PC.

Some of the users saved number of contacts so that they can use WhatsApp, Viber or other instant messaging apps that requires phone numbers. Now it’s really difficult if they want to delete all the contacts but fear not as we have found a perfect solution if you want to delete all of your contacts. To do so, you need to download Contact Remover application on your BlueStacks or Andy and afterwards the things will get really easy. Download the requirements and follow the guide given below.


Downloads Required

From the links given below, if you already have BlueStacks installed then download the APK of contact remover only. This guide is especially for BlueStacks App Player, but it will work out for those too who uses Andy emulator. Other than that, you can download its APK for your Smartphone as well.

How To Install Contact Remover on BlueStacks

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your respective operating system.
  2. Now download Contact Remover Apk for PC and place it anywhere on your desktop.
  3. Now open the Contact Remover for PC apk and select Bluestacks to run it (If not selected by default).
  4. It will be installed and then you will receive a notification that installation is done.
  5. Open this notification and app will be started.
  6. Use mouse cursor as the finger to touch on the screen.
  7. Alternatively you can download the application directly in the Bluestacks using the Google Play Store account.

How To Remove All Contacts From BlueStacks

  1. Open “Contact Remover” from App Drawer.
  2. Now it will give you various options. Just go for a select all option.
  3. It will ask your confirmation on deleting those contacts.
  4. Click on Delete button and save bundle of your time.
  5. Optional:- You can also delete several contacts if you don’t want to delete all.
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