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How to Install Adobe Flash Player 11.1 Apk on Android Devices

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Since Android 4.0 and later versions, Adobe Flash Player has been removed from Android project and now the it supports HTML5 instead. While HTML5 can handle most of the tasks, but if you want to play videos on browsers, or play any other flash content, then you will get the error about “Install Adobe Flash Player For Android”. Unfortunately, this application is no longer available in Google Play Store for download. It has now become an off grid application which is quite necessary for Android devices. To run flash content on Android devices, install Flash Player Apk manually on Android.

The latest version of this application for Android devices at the moment is Adobe Flash Player 11.1. There are other variants as well and we have the latest version listed down below for download. It can be installed like any other application. This application is officially supported by Adobe so you can be assured that it will be free of bugs and you will get updates, if required. Download Flash Player Apk from link given below and follow the guide written below to install it on your device.

Downloads Required

How to Install Flash Player 11.1 on Android Device:

  1. Download the apk from the link given above and copy it to the Android device
  2. Go to Settings>Security and enable Unknown Sources
  3. Using any file explorer, navigate to the folder where apk is placed
  4. Tap on it and begin installation
  5. It will list all the required permissions, skip it and complete the installation
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