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How to Play MUTANT ROADKILL on PC and Mac

by boris

Android let you play countless amazing games and no doubt this is one of the best things of having a Smartphone. If you are an Android gaming addict, you definitely would have played some sort of racing games. Asphalt 8 and some other are on the top list of free games on Android phone. If you don’t explore Google Play Store, you will miss the opportunity to play some games beyond imagination.

Do you love to drive car normally? Why not this time drive in a mutant apocalypse? Sounds awesome right? In MUTANT ROADKILL powered by a top developer you have to drive a car in a really weird world where you will face unique and different type of mutants. Of course it will be no good if you stop the car and start talking to them. Believe me they will kill you the moment they saw you. So it’s better if you keep running but wait a minute! We are not a normal dude so why just run? Let the mission of saving the world begins. Crush every single mutant that gets in your way.

During your epic journey you find some powerups that will really help you kill those mutants in awesome way. Earn coins by crushing them and buy new vehicles and upgrade powerups. The graphics of this game are really neat. If you like this game and want something more out of it, why not play this game even on your PC and Mac as well?


If you like the sound of it, you need to download BlueStacks App Player. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that enables a way to run games on PC and Mac. The controls of this game are really simple on PC, just use left and right arrow keys or X and Z alphabet to turn your car. If you want to download and play MUTANT ROADKILL on PC or Mac, complete the requirements and follow the guide given below.

Downloads Required

Download the Bluestacks player for MAC or Windows, according to your operating system. If you want to install MUTANT ROADKILL on Mac, then download Bluestacks for OS X and if you want to install MUTANT ROADKILL on Windows PC, then download BlueStacks player for Windows.

How To Install MUTANT ROADKILL on Computer/PC

    1. Download and install Bluestacks on your respective operating system.
    2. Now download MUTANT ROADKILL apk for PC and place it anywhere on your desktop.
    3. Now open the MUTANT ROADKILL for PC apk and select Bluestacks to run it (If not selected by default).
    4. It will be installed and then you will receive a notification that installation is done.
    5. Open this notification and app will be started.
    6. Use mouse cursor as the finger to touch on the screen.
    7. Alternatively you can use the Play Store in the Bluestacks to download this game directly to your device.
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