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How To Resize Applications On BlueStacks

by boris

Smartphones can do anything you want them to do. All it takes is a little interest towards your precious device. No matter what you want, you will always get it. Android developers are always one step ahead of our mind. Games and applications are the best part of any Smartphone and Google Play Store offers you countless amazingly addicting game for Smartphones.

Not just that, with the help of BlueStacks you can play any game on your PC or MAC. This is really a best thing for those who have to spend more time on their PC or MAC. Any application or game you love in your Smartphone can be played with BlueStacks. It is an Android Emulator and it is not so difficult to understand. It’s like using half of our Smartphone.

This emulator doesn’t need any special requirements; an ordinary PC is enough for it. Many new BlueStack users tries many Android games and application in it and they it is sometimes a bit annoying when you are using a mobile size application or game in it Why not change them to a tablet size?

The method to resize application or game is pretty simple and easy to use. If you have any question, feel free to ask us in the comment box below. Plus if you don’t know which game will work fine, check our site because any application or games we mentioned here are always verified by our team.

How to Resize Applications on BlueStacks

  • Open BlueStacks software on your PC
  • Now you have to go to the settings of your BlueStacks.
  • open settings, swipe your mouse downwards from the right upper side of your BlueStacks to open Notification bar. There you will find settings, open it.
  • The other way to open settings in to click the “All Apps” option given in the right side of ”Recently Played” section. There you will find “BlueStacks Setting”, open it.


  • Now that you have opened settings, go to “Change App Size”.
  • Here you can choose the default size of an application or you can change it to tablet size.
  • Click done and enjoy.

If you have any question related to this guide, feel free to ask and if you know any interesting thing about BlueStacks, share it with us because sharing is caring.

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