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How to Use WhatsApp Officially on Windows and Mac Using Chrome

by boris

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service across the globe and the number of users for WhatsApp is increasing every day. Owing to its popularity, it was natural that people would like to experiment with it. The most popular experiment ever was the Whatsapp plus which is not banned from WhatsApp network. It added many functionalities to Whatsapp like increasing the media file size limit and changing fonts.

Another important experiment that has always been done with it is to run Whatsapp on PC. Because of Whatsapp, even FB messenger is not much used. People want to be able to chat on Whatsapp even when they are not using mobile or tablet. This increases productivity and saves a lot of time since one does not have to switch between PC and mobile again and again. The first and most popular method prior to this day was to use Whatsapp on computer using Bluestacks. This method had been used for a really long time and it is still being used by some people but it is not a very good method for using Whatsapp on computers. It is both slow and uneasy method.

After acquiring Whatsapp, Facebook has implemented lot of changes and made Whatsapp messenger even better. Recently, Whatsapp team has started experimenting with using Whatsapp on PC. They have introduced an official method for using Whatsapp messenger on PC. It can be used to received and send WhatsApp messaged from PC. What’s even better is that you do not have to login into PC for a Whatsapp ID neither you have to import any data. It uses the same data on phone automatically. It can also be used to receive and send pictured on PC through Whatsapp. This is one of the most convenient and fastest methods of using Whatsapp on any computer. All you need is a web browser for it to work. In this guide, we’ll be using the Google Chrome Browser since it is the most popular web browser for computers. Same method can be applied to other web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. This method also works with Safari on Mac systems.

Steps to Use Whatsapp on PC Using Official Method

  • First of all you need to make sure that you need an active internet connection on your smartphone.
  • It is recommended that you use WiFi on your smartphone when you plan to use Whatsapp with computer.
  • It does not matter if PC and Mobile are connected to same WiFi or not.
  • Now let’s get to the main steps involved in installing Whatsapp on PC.
  • Open Chrome/Safari/Firefox or any other browser that you are using on computer.
  • Type web.whatsapp.com in the Address bar and press Enter.
  • On this page, you will see a QR Code.
  • Open Whatsapp on smartphone and press the Menu button.
  • There you will see “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Press it and camera with QR Scanner will start.
  • Point it to QR Code seen on web.whatsapp.com earlier.
  • The website will detect the code and start WhatsApp on Chrome automatically.
  • You can choose to stay logged in or to automatically log out when not active.
  • Whenever new message arrives, the Chrome tab that is running WhatsApp will show blinking notification.
  • Users can send and receive messages from this tab.
  • That’s all! Now you can enjoy WhatsApp while working without having to pick up phone again and again.

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