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Play Dr. Parking 3D on PC – Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and MAC

by boris

We previously discussed about top free racing games and the one that we like the most is Dr. Driving. That game was not about racing but driving. There are many racing games but few addicting driving games and this is where that game leads that category. If you like the concept of that game, you will definitely going to love the other game which is developed by SUD Inc.

Dr. Driving was about how to drive a car in a perfect manner and how to get a full grip on your car. Now that you have done driving your car, you should park it now. Of course anyone can park a car. Well wait a minute! Do you know how to park? If no, you should challenge yourself in one of the most difficult car parking game.

Dr. Parking 3D powered by SUD Inc. is a wonderful developed game. The name of the game says it all that you have to park, well not a normal parking but some in some difficult manners to find your skill’s limit. Well the graphics are not really eye-catching but what do you expect from a game with the size of approximately 6MB. Well I think this is the beauty of this game that the size is really low but the tasks, the gameplay and everything about this game is really wonderful.

You can change controls, practice your skills at different type of difficulties. Do whatever you want but don’t kill yourself as you only have a one life just like a real one. If you like the concept of this game and want something more out of it, why not play this game even on your PC and MAC? To do so, you need to download BlueStacks App Player.

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that let you play almost every android game and application on your precious PC and MAC. Of course the controls of this game are really difficult on PC as you have to control steering, gears and other stuff with your mouse. This will make the game more difficult and more addicting. If you want to download and play Dr. Parking 3D on PC and MAC, complete the requirements and follow the guide given below.


Downloads Required

Download the Bluestacks player for MAC or Windows, according to your operating system. If you want to install Dr. Parking 3D on Mac, then download Bluestacks for OS X and if you want to install Dr. Parking 3D on Windows PC, then download BlueStacks player for Windows.

How To Install Dr. Parking 3D on Computer/PC

    1. Download and install Bluestacks on your respective operating system.
    2. Now download Dr. Parking 3D apk for PC and place it anywhere on your desktop.
    3. Now open the Dr. Parking 3D for PC apk and select Bluestacks to run it (If not selected by default).
    4. It will be installed and then you will receive a notification that installation is done.
    5. Open this notification and app will be started.
    6. Use mouse cursor as the finger to touch on the screen.

Method 2 to Install Dr. Parking 3D on PC:

    1. Open BlueStacks App Player on your Windows PC or MAC.
    2. Make sure that you’ve logged in using your Gmail address, if not, then go to settings > accounts and login with Gmail.
    3. Now come back to the home screen in BlueStacks.
    4. Use the Search button and type “Dr. Parking 3D”.
    5. As soon as you find it, install Dr. Parking 3D using Google Play Store in BlueStacks.
    6. Open it and enjoy!
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