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SuperBeam for PC – Free Download

by boris

Transferring files and folders among various devices can be a headache especially if the requirement for the transfer is frequent and number of files and folders is huge. It is always wise to keep backup of your data since losing a device or its system getting crashed can be a major issue and you might end up losing your invaluable data which is difficult to replace or replicate. It is therefore feasible to take regular backup of your data. Also, if you have data that needs constant sharing between various devices, a mechanism that allows sharing in a seamless manner is critical.


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Users generally transfer data from one device to another using a cable or Bluetooth. Also, it can be transferred using a USB flash drive if the devices support USB flash drives. However, all these methods are inconvenient and also take time. But, what if you had an option that allows instant transfer of files among the various devices in an easy manner? The option is a highly useful and efficient application named SuperBeam. SuperBeam is a data transfer application that can easily transfer data from one device to the others. The basic requirement is that all these applications have the app installed on them.

If you frequently transfer files from your mobile phones or tablets to your PC, SuperBeam is a swift and highly effective option. Simply get the app installed on your PC and on the device from which you want to transfer the data. Open the files or the data in the device from which you want to transfer to your PC. The application allows transferring of information such as files, folders, images, audio files, documents, contacts and apps. Once you open the app on your device, you will be given the option to select the file type which you want to transfer. All the files in the respective file format will be displayed. For example, if you select audio file format, all the audio files on your device will be displayed.


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This is very useful since you do not have to search for all the files of the specific type. It is a quite efficient method while taking a backup of the data. Once you have selected the files that you want to transfer, there are three methods using which you can transfer the files between your device and computer. The first option is to scan the QR code of the device from which the file is to be received. If you want to receive the file on your computer, simply scan the QR code on the mobile device using the webcam of your computer.

The other option is to enter the sharing key on the device on which the file is to be received. Third option is using the NFC or the Near Field Communication method that allows sharing of files between devices. Transferring files from a PC to a mobile phone or from a mobile phone to the PC is very easy and simple if you install SuperBeam on your PC as well as the other devices. So, download the Superbeam today!

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