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Talking Tom Now available on PC

by boris

Talking Tom debuted as an app that played back whatever you said to it in a high-pitched squeaky voice with the visuals of a cat doing so. You can also pull Tom’s tail or slap him in the face by touching the relevant parts of your screen. Needless to say, Talking Tom is one of the most popular apps of all time.


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Talking Tom Needs No Introduction

Before you say it, yes the “game” is pointless, if it can be called a game at all. But Talking Tom doesn’t have to have an objective. Because it just replays back whatever you say to it, there is loads of fun to be had with this very simple app. It is extremely easy to lose track of time while playing with this app and many other associated apps like Talking Tom 2 and Tom Loves Angela, which expanded the other actions that the characters could take on screen but retained the app’s basic premise of replaying back everything, but at a higher pitch.

Sadly, Talking Tom is available only as an app on mobile platforms. Many petitions to get Talking Tom for PC have gone up only to be unable to attract the necessary mass for a petition like this to be successful. However, there is a way around it.

How To Run Talking Tom On PC

In the absence of an official Talking Tom for PC, we can use Bluestacks, a JAVA based simulator app that simulates an Android environment in Windows so that you can run your favourite Android apps right on your PC. Setting up Bluestacks is dead simple, and the instructions are easy to follow.

Once Bluestacks is installed, you can simply open up Google Play Store from inside the virtual Android environment and install the Talking Tom app. Earlier versions needed for apps to be sideloaded from their APKs, but Bluestacks has become so much more user friendly after the recent updates.


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Once Talking Tom is installed, you will have to make a few adjustments though. The Windows desktop OS is decidedly different from Android, which is designed to run on a portable mobile device. As such, you might need to figure out certain settings from the Control Panel like Microphone settings and other permissions before you can get the app to work. Unfortunately, the scope of this section is so broad, that it is difficult to give any sort of general advice regarding this; you will have to consult online forums and other places on the internet for solutions if you run into a specific problem. However, the trouble will be worth it.

Have Fun

Bluestacks allows you to install and use any Android app on your PC, and getting Talking Tom for PC is just one of the many reason to install it. Talking Tom is fun and addictive app that will keep you entertained for a long time to come. Just make sure that the permissions and settings are properly configured before you run the app, otherwise you might run into an error that will greatly diminish your experience.

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