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Top 3 Ways To Use WhatsApp on PC

by boris

WhatsApp is the largest cross-platform messaging service. It is the most successful chatting service across all platforms because of the stability that it offers and how fast it works. WhatsApp does not occupy much memory therefore it is highly desirable. For past few years, WhatsApp has managed to take crown for top used messaging service from SMS for itself. It is now being used in almost every country around the globe. Moreover, this messenger just keeps getting better and better. WhatsApp recently started experimenting with free calls feature which seems to working pretty well. The quality of WhatsApp calls is better that most of the Free Calls service providers in the market.

Most of people want to be able to use WhatsApp on their computers. This is because most of the chatting is done with it and while they are using their computers, they don’t like switching between computer and their smartphones again and again. Until now, many methods have been devised to make it possible to use WhatsApp on computers. Most of these methods are unofficial until WhatsApp announced it for PC officially. Although it is available officially, yet it is not the best available method to use WhatsApp on computer. We have tried every possible method that allows users to install and use WhatsApp directly from their computers.

In this article, we have picked the top 3 methods that can be used to install and chat on WhatsApp directly from laptops, Macs and desktop computers. All of these methods are verified and working. Each method has its own pros and cons. Therefore it is up to the user to choose the best one according to their needs.

Use WhatsApp on PC via Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an innovative application for smartphones and computers. It is available for free on Play Store. This application has its other halves are available on Macs and Windows machines. The purpose of this application is to forward the notifications from smartphone to PC and vice versa. In addition to that, it can also be used to send images and links from PC to mobile and the opposite. This is a very handy application which can be used to manage all Android notification directly from your Mac or Windows Machine.

To use WhatsApp on PC using with Pushbullet, first you need to install Pushbullet application on Android smartphone and give it access to read notifications. Next step is to install Pushbullet chrome extension on PC. Login in the mobile phone Pushbullet application using the Gmail ID. Now you can sync notification across PC and mobile phone. In the PC, you can change settings about notifications. Once done, you will start receiving WhatsApp notifications on your PC. You can choose to keep Pushbullet running even when Chrome is closed. This is important if you don’t keep your browser on all the time and you want to receive all notifications while doing some other work on your laptop or PC.

When the notification pop up appears, then just click on it to interact which is to reply or dismiss the notification. There is no need to check your phone and notification from the phone will be cleared automatically. See following screenshot to see how it looks on PC.

PROS Of Pushbullet

The notifications are fast and easy to handle. You can interact with notifications while working anywhere on the PC. This is the major advantage of using WhatsApp on PC using Pushbullet. In addition to it, it can be used to transfer links within both devices which is an addition useful too. It can be used to transfer pictures as well. There are a number of advantages with using WhatsApp with Pushbullet. The most important one is that you do not have to login every time you open your PC.

CONS Of Pushbullet

It can not be used to send pictures or other media files. It can not be used to view the received images on PC as well. Therefore, you will have to check your phone if you receive an image or a video.

Use WhatsApp On PC Using Official WhatsApp Web

The official WhatsApp Web allows users to open their WhatsApp chat in a new tab in the current browser. It is not like a separate extension or application. It just syncs data between PC and mobile phone. The interface is just like WhatsApp on mobile phone which makes it pretty attractive. This is the second best way to use WhatsApp on PC. It can be the number one desirable method for some people too.

If you do not now how to use WhatsApp web, the follow the guide given below to activate WhatsApp Web for your account.

How to Use WhatsApp Officially on Windows and Mac Using Chrome

PROS Of WhatsApp Web

It can be used to send and receive media files as done of the mobile phone. It transfers entire screen from the smart phone to the PC. It shows all recent chats and chat history. It makes it feel like using WhatsApp on phone. It can be used to start new chats with contacts and check the chat history as well.

CONS Of WhatsApp Web

The main disadvantage of WhatsApp Web is the amount of data that will be used to sync WhatsApp app on both devices.If you are using Mobile Data, then it might disturb your entire month’s data plan. Moreover, constant syncing also affects battery of the phone. The third disadvantage is that one has to login to WhatsApp Web laptop or PC turns on.

Use WhatsApp On PC Using Bluestacks

Before any of the above mentioned methods were used, this was the most commonly used method for chatting on WhatsApp directly from the computer. Bluestacks is an Android Emulator. It is just like installing WhatsApp on PC. If you want to use this method, then follow the guide given below.

WhatsApp for PC – Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and MAC

PROS Of WhatsApp With Bluestacks

Apparently it has not cons at all. It can be used to send and receive Media files from PC and it is always turned on. You receive instant notifications on your PC and it is easy to interact with those notifications. Moreover, you do not have to login every time.

CONS Of WhatsApp With Bluestacks

This method requires that you run Bluestacks all the time. It is a heavy application and it is going to consume a large space on your computer’s RAM. Moreover, you need to update WhatsApp app from time to time. You might not be able to use same WhatsApp account on your phone. There are a lot of drawbacks to this method if you use your phone a lot. It is more suitable for those who work most of the times on their computers and do not want their phone’s to be flooded with WhatsApp notifications all the time.

These are the top 3 WhatsApp for PC methods according to us. Do you use any of these? If so, let us know which one you find to be the best and efficient one!

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