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WhatsApp for PC – Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and MAC

by boris

Everyone is probably familiar with WhatsApp and is actually a WhatsApp freak. People have forgot the use of social chat messengers, sms messaging and other ways of communication since the day WhatsApp became popular. With over 350 million users, and still counting, all across the world, WhatsApp has taken the lead and is most widely used Android app and iOS app at the moment. WhatsApp is not only a chat messenger, but enhances the user experience at its best. Users can share their status on WhatsApp, they can exchange images, location, set custom wallpapers in chat, change their profile pictures and a lot more. Since Facebook has bought WhatsApp, it now offers privacy settings as well that allows the users to hide their last seen, profile picture and status. WhatsApp’s functionality is getting enhanced every single minute and we are very sure that application will keep dominating the social world.

WhatsApp has no hidden costs, there are not charges for any of the services WhatsApp provides. Once you sign up, you’re free to send unlimited messages, unlimited images, videos and share everything that WhatsApp allows all around the world anytime you want, and yeah WhatsApp also allows sending voice messages now, so its not just a text chat app anymore.

WhatsApp runs on all the Android devices having Android 2.1 +, not only that, as mentioned it also works on iOS and a lot of other operating systems like Symbian OS by Nokia and others, but not all the users keep an Android or some other phone that can run WhatsApp or some users do not just like to use a phone all the time and if they still want to use WhatsApp they might be getting confused with what to do. Well, everyone now a days uses laptops, desktop computers as its the need of hour, so those who do not or who can’t use WhatsApp on a mobile device they can use it on their laptop, or desktop PC running Windows XP,7,8,8.1 or a MAC by Apple. In case you’re wondering how you can do so, don’t worry as you will calm yourself down with a solution after you scroll down and read our comprehensive guide to get WhatsApp for PC.

How To Get WhatsApp For PC – Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and MAC:

Downloads Required

Download the Bluestacks player for MAC or Windows, according to your operating system. If you want to use WhatsApp on Mac, then download BlueStacks for MAC OS X and if you want to use WhatsApp on Windows PC  then download BlueStacks player for Windows.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your respective operating system
  2. Now download WhatsApp apk for PC and place it anywhere on your desktop
  3. Now open the WhatsApp for PC apk and select Bluestacks to run it (If not selected by default)
  4. It will be installed and then you will receive a notification that installation is done
  5. Once installed, open BlueStacks and you will find WhatsApp under installed apps.
  6. Now click on WhatsApp and it will open up.
  7. This probably is the first time for you to run WhatsApp on PC, it will ask you for verification. Enter your mobile number and click on OK.
  8. You will receive a code on your mobile phone, enter that code in WhatsApp on your PC to verify it now.
  9. You can now add contacts to your WhatsApp for PC by navigating to Cloud Connect.
  10. If you’re already are an Android user, click Next and enter your Gmail Account for Google Play and register it.
  11. Once registered, click on Menu > Display Contact List > Add New Contact.
  12. Add your new contact and click on done to finish it.
  13. That’s all! Enjoy using WhatsApp on your Windows PC or MAC.

You will only need an internet connection to run WhatsApp on your PC and it will work flawlessly. Let us know how it goes at your end. In case of any queries, stop by the comment box or contact us through our contact us page. Thank you all

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